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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Web-Chat.org is provided as a Service to users from all over the World to chat.

This service is being provided for FREE, and as such, you are expected to conduct yourself as a Guest and be polite to other users.


As a Guest to our Service, you are expected to conduct yourself as a guest.  You should avoid using the service to start an altercation, instigate a fight, or for political means.  Arguments between users should be taken to Private Message.


Web-Chat.org uses Moderators in our chats to ensure that rules are followed, users are not harassed, and that the environment maintains a enhanced atmosphere.  Moderators are indicated with the following symbols before their nicknames: %/@/&/~(example: @Austin means ‘Austin’ is a Moderator)

While Web-Chat.org aims to provide Moderators to ensure that rules are not broken, users are not harassed, spam is not occuring; Moderators are volunteers.  Moderators are unable to be present 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.  You are responsible for your use and actions on Web-Chat.org’s Chats at all times.  Please consider  /ignore Nickname  if someone is bothering you.

Web-Chat.org seeks talented and motivated individuals to ensure that rules are followed, a satisfactory environment is maintained, and aid new users and guests.


  • You should be cautious about giving out personal information such as (but not limited to) phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, etc.
  • The administration of the Web-Chat does not log or monitor any traffic that may pass through their servers for content or clarity. By retaining a connection to any part of Web-Chat, you state that you know and are willing to comply and accept these as well as any future terms of service, network policies, and user guidelines.
  • Web-Chat Staff, Administrators, Operators, Moderators and Servers are not able to see your private messages or data transmitted in channels. (unless a Staff Member is in the channel, which would be visible) Web-Chat is unable to monitor your private data, nor do we desire to.
  • No responsibility for computer damage, data loss, or any other damage or liability shall be implied by any Web-Chat server administrator, staff or volunteers. By using Web-Chat and it’s servers, you hereby state and agree that you release Web-Chat.org, its servers, administrators, operators, and any other volunteer from all responsibilty or legal liability which might result from your use of Web-Chat.org.
  • Administrators reserve the right to deny access to and use of the Web-Chat network or any of its other resources, including but not limited to nickname & channel services, technical mailing lists, and FTP sites, to any user, group, site, or domain without the benefit of prior warning or notification if necessary.
  • Web-Chat.org reserves the right to update these terms at any time, with, or without prior notification.


Privacy Policy

Web-Chat.org uses SSL encryption to secure user sessions on our website.  We also connect to the Chat servers using SSL (secure) connections.  To top it off, all Servers are connected together via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to provide a safe, secure chatting enviroment.

Personal Information provided duing connection to Web-Chat.org, such as Nickname and Channel information is able to be seen by other parties.

Web-Chat.org (while we collect virtually no information) will never distribute, sell or provide any information to non Web-Chat.org related parties, unless forced to do so by verified Law Enforcement agencies.

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